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May 27th, 2017

Why am I writing this? Who am I?

Questions, you may ask! In many ways it all boils down to who, why, what, when, where and how, right? That is how we either judge or get judged, and THAT is a pattern we need to break, and free ourselves, and others from.

I am here for you. Not because you may particularly need or want me, but because these words had profound effects on me every time I heard them from someone else. But if you are still in doubt about my authority over the mission I have set out on, your doubt isn’t necessarily wrong, but certainly unnecessary.

I have long harboured this fascination that by the time I would turn 40 (still a LONG time away), I would publish an autobiography of whatever it is I have achieved by then. Be it as an actor, producer, ambassador, public speaker, singer, poet and family man (all designations I can proudly claim TODAY). Up until now, my mind had not opened up to how times are changing and that a story no longer needs to be told at once or one fine day, but can reach out to the world one idea, one chapter, one solution and one letter at a time. Besides, God knows what my reality will be at 40, and God forbid I push that magical day to when I turn 50. Not anymore! A few weeks ago I woke up with this overwhelming realization that it’s all about TODAY and NOW. Fortunately, this digital era allows us to showcase whatever it is we desire in the most impactful of ways.

If my time is now, your time is now!

I promise all my readers that in every letter, I will spread happiness, motivation, inspiration and positivity, and in my own unique way that will hopefully make you a loyal reader. What can you expect?

  • Solutions that hit me like a ton of bricks
  • Reflections and Lessons from my life and career
  • How to make your days happier
  • Features on people, films and books that you must know about
  • Spiritual Ideas and Perspectives I learned
  • My very own poetry and song covers

I thank you in advance for your love and blessings! Please always feel free to email me and share my blog as well.

Yours Truly,
Prashantt Guptha